Summer in the Aurina Valley - Everyone's holiday


Families are welcome! In the farms and in the typical mountain villages the children are allowed to play without restraints. Sometimes, city children see here for the first time a real cow in the flesh, hold a kitten or wallow in Campo Tures natural lake. The active holidaymakers will live exciting adventures climbing a difficult face or exploring the peaks with the extreme mountaineer Hans Kammerlander.

Pleasure lovers will take care of both body and soul. Culturepassionates will find genuine traditions of lost times and their modern variants: from traditional costumes parades accompanied by the band to elegant classical music concerts, up to the history-rich exhibitions held in the castle of Campo Tures, the emblem of the valley.

The typical carved stoves, named stube, decorated with the traditional handmade pillow laces, the Predoi and Cadipietra museums, everything shows the changing history of mountain people and alpine farmers. The many fairs and parades in the valleys and villages reflect the life of the alpine towns during the year: the costume parade, the return of the animals from the mountain pasture, the "Dirndl" flight day (girls wearing the typical dress plunge into the lake) or the manifestations related to the fighter for the Tyrol freedom Andreas Hofer. As regards guests accommodation, the Aurina Valley offers ten thousand beds for all tastes and exigencies, from the rustic comfort to the alpine elegance to the most modern style.
Tourism in harmony with nature
There's something else that characterises the Alto Adige northernmost valley: to protect the 80 peaks above 3,000 m (nearly 10,000 ft) in the territory, the inhabitants preserved a deep love for their age-old homeland. This love is reflected in a deeply responsible relationship with the natural resources. The result is a natural form of tourism that respects, instead of exploiting, a mountain landscape so savagely romantic. An example is the Summercard, which allows you to use for free the public transport in the whole Aurina Valley down to Brunico.

Do not lose:
CascadePlunge in a new bathing and pleasure culture at the feet of Riva waterfalls, in Campo Tures
The Mining Museum in Predoi
The Climatic Centre
The Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Natural Park
The Museum of Minerals
The Museum of Christmas Cribs
The Riva di Tures waterfalls

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